Data Manage - Transpose and Reply some columns

Hi team,

I am looking for an easy way to do the next transform to a database:


I really appreciate your help.

Hi @odiaz2309 -

Here’s one approach to try:

2022-08-23 11_15_32-Output data - 3_7 - Column Resorter

ForumMultiUnpivotingExample.knwf (23.4 KB)

For future reference, please upload the actual data (in cases like this, where it’s clearly dummy data) instead of screenshots. That will save time in formulating a solution for you.

If you have any questions just ask!


Thanks a lot Scott


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Just one question Scott,

What happen when I need a third item related with the product (for example “Price”). I couldn’t use a Joiner because there was a third input (unpivoting by price). What can I do in that case?

In that case you could use a “cascading join” - that is, a series of joiner nodes to bring the data back together into a single table.

There are other ways to approach this problem if your dataset is more complex - using loops, for example - but I didn’t want to go that route unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Thanks Scott, I did the “cascading join” and it worked.

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