Data Manipulation: convert variables

Hi there,

I have a column in my data set that I need to convert into a different format. For now the numbers are from 1-189000. I need them to be from 0,01 - 1890,00. How do I get a comma after the two last digits in?

Thank you for your help in advance!


Hi @AbbTheresa,

in which format are your columns currently? :thinking:
If they are integer you could just convert them to double e.g. with the math nodes and devide by 100.
If they are strings you could use the string to number and select double as output, then use the math nodes

Or if they are strings and you want to keep them that way you could use the column expression node to first cast them to double, to your calc and afterwards cast it back to string

Also could be done with string manipulation :+1:
Can also add an example workflow if you tell me what format you currently have :slight_smile:


Hi @AnotherFraudUser,

thank you for your answer!!

The format was an integer, so I could just do your first tipp, and everything went perfectly. Thank you!!



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