Data Mining Clustering or Decision Tree

Hello everyone.!

I am new with Knime, and would like to learn an approach to my very first task wich is as follows:

I have an Excel file (Test Knime) where there are a lot of transactional movements for an inverse bidding, and need to capture the parameters in order to get the lowest bid (Colum: Amount) for each product (Column: Key).

After that, it is needed to make the same study but with grouping the amount column by ranges.

Any help will be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance



Hi Héctor,

welcome to the KNIME Community.

I think the node your a looking for is the GroupBy Node. For your first task you could group by the column Key and choose in the second tab of the configuration to take the minimum of the column Amount as manual aggregation.

Is the goal of your second task to find the minimum in the column Amount for a range of the column Key?



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Hello Kathrin,

Thanks for your prompt answer.!!!

Indeed, that was my first approach, after that I am in blank.

The main goal is to determine the inter relatioships between the other variables in order to predict the best circunstances where I can receive the best offer by binding ranges of Price. at least 3 Ranges.

I know or feel that there will be an inter relationship among others columns.


Thanks in advance for your reply..!!  ;-)


PS: the real Data, contains at least 200.000 rows

I forgot to tell you,

the minimum offer (amount) per Item (Key)