data mining cutoffs

Dear comunity,

It's a while since I started to look how to access the cutoffs of the data mining methods, I would like to alter and display the used cutoffs for several of the daa mining methods but I dont know how.

Where I can look for them or what I could do? It would be nice if there were options in knime to play with the cutoffs.


What exactly do you mean with cutoffs? The probability value where a pattern is classified positive or negative? In this case you can use the probabilities that each predictor is able to output and create a prediction columns on your own.

yes Thor, I would like to know how to see this output of probabilities. I'm sorry but I can't figure out how to, the help is very much appreciated.

Thanks for the fast reply.


In the predictor nodes you can enable the output of class probabilities.

thanks, that was what I was looking for, but it sliped my fingers for some reason.