Data mismatch correction


I am a new user to knime…i am having trouble with some data mismatch…this is because of the data acquisition rate is different (time mismatch in the order of milliseconds) and also the number of data points logged are higher in one of the columns.

how can i join the two column data’s ?

i am not able to use joiner node as the timestamps are different…

Hi @Shashankchinya welcome to KNIME Forum

With the Column Appender node. You can add columns from two different sources (no keys needed). Is this where you looking for?
gr. Hans

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hello hans,

appreciate your reply…your solution did help me partially but i still have to match the parameters with respect to time.

i have filtered data till i want it to be in respective columns…but due to the number of instances captured there is a void in the number of data points in one of the columns.

Hi there @Shashankchinya,

perhaps you can share some input file and desired output or workflow you are working on. That always helps other users understand better what you are dealing with.

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