Data Row to Image outputting a blank image

Data Row to Image outputting a blank image

Dear all

I am having a trouble figuring out why an image i have created, in table format (columns: X, Y, Y and MAX (Double), where MAX contains  zeros or the values 127 such that a pattern of cirlces and dots are created) outputs as a blank image when read into the block 'Data Row to Image'

To be more precise

I output the table from a 'Math Formula' Block which has a dummy column appendended (TEMP) full of zeros then use a 'GroupBy' to aggregate (D) MAX where TEMP is selected as the group column  . This then feeds into the 'Data Row to Image Block' which is configured to take the column MAX. I have configured the Image pixel type to both Double and INT but in either case i get an unexpected output (either all grey or all black). Anybody know why

Any advice would be much apprecaied.


Regards, DJ


Could you upload the result table of the Math Formula Block so I can try to reproduce the problem?

Cheers Tim

Hi Tim


Thanks for getting back to me, please see results tabel from the Math Formula block at

Regards, DJ



The problem is that the GroupBy node can't create a list with 125000 elements. You can get around this limitation if you group by column "Z" and reconstruct all Z-Slices. All the Z-Slice can then be merged with the Image Merger.

The appended workflow constructs the sphere out of the table you uploaded.



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