Data Row to Image outputting a blank image

Dear all

I am having a trouble figuring out why an image i have created, in table format (columns: X, Y, Y and MAX (Double), where MAX contains  zeros or the values 127 such that a pattern of cirlces and dots are created) outputs as a blank image when read into the block 'Data Row to Image'

To be more precise

I output the table from a 'Math Formula' Block which has a dummy column appendended (TEMP) full of zeros then use a 'GroupBy' to aggregate (D) MAX where TEMP is selected as the group column  . This then feeds into the 'Data Row to Image Block' which is configured to take the column MAX. I have configured the Image pixel type to both Double and INT but in either case i get an unexpected output (either all grey or all black). Anybody know why

Any advice would be much apprecaied.


Regards, DJ

Hi DJ,

our base plugin doesn't have a node called "Data Row to Image" is this part of the KNIME Image Processing plugin? Than I would move your post to their subforum.

Best, Iris

Hi Iris


Thanks, Yes this is part of the Kinime image processing plugin.Thanks for the pointer !

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