Data / Source missing ?

Hi all,

I’ve been checking different workflows on the Knime hub and noticed that whenever I download the workflow to my own computer and launch it in Knime, I don’t have an initial data/file. Do the files need to be downloaded separately from the knime hub?

Hi @sherknime , it depends on where the data file is located.

If it’s located within the data folder of the workflow, it should be included with the workflow when you import the workflow. But if it’s in a folder on the user’s computer outside the workflow (for example Desktop), the file will not be included.

Alternatively, if the workflow is saved as executed state (green), the data itself is included within the nodes. You can always reproduce the file from the executed nodes. The example that you are referring to seems to be saved in the executed state, so the data is in the nodes.

when I launch the workflow it is on the ‘yellow’ stage, and when I am trying to execute it the error occurs, ( table does not exist).
Did you download the workflow and you can access the data?

Hi @sherknime , I just downloaded the workflow, and indeed, you are correct, the data is not provided.

Tagging @Maarit who is the author of the workflow.

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Thank you @bruno29a , i thought there was a problem on my side.

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As far as I can tell, the data is all provided in the course folder: knime/Education – L2-DW KNIME Analytics Platform for Data Wranglers - Advanced – KNIME Hub

You just went too far down the folder hierarchy.


@elsamuel is correct here.

For most of our courses, the workflows are stored in a workflow group, with the data in its own folder. If you download the entire workflow group, you will have access to all workflows in a course as well as the associated data. You can do this by clicking the cloud icon associated with the complete course (you have to be logged in to see it):

Also note the breadcrumbs that help orient where you are in the folder structure.

Sorry for the confusion here.


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