Data that changes over time

Sorry for the non-KNIME specific question. But I wasn’t sure where to look for help and this comminuty is so helpful. And untimately it’s for solving a modeling problem.

I have Company (and this likely applies to User data as well). The usual stuff you would find on D&B (Industry, revenue and other financials, number of employees, technolgies used, etc). These are typically stored in a CRM as the most recent (current) data. The problem is if we are modelling with data from years ago these values would have been different (especially in high tech… these change fast).

How should these values be stored in a databse and the appropriate ones used when modeling over multiple years of data? Do I create a new table with historical values on these key fields and treat it like a log table?

As you mention, not really a KNIME issue, but what you suggest seems reasonable. I’d setup something to periodically extract the CRM data and store it a log table with datestamp. Then later, pull relevant information over a given date range when it’s time to start modeling.

Maybe some others here have more specific tips to offer.

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