"Data to report" node with dynamic names

Is it possible to have a "Data to Report" node whose name changes dynamically?

This is because the datasets accessible in the Report are the ones with "Data to Report" node in Knime workflow and with same name as the node name. 

In Knime workflow, I am doing the same set of operations for some 10 queries. For this I am using a table with all the queries and looping over the entries using "Table Row to Variable Loop Start", performing operations and finally collecting the results for all queries at the end of the loop. 

But I want to display the results in the report Query-wise. The query-wise results is used for table and charts. 

For this, I know of these 2 alternatives:

   a]The results obtained at the end of loop is filtered based on query using "Row filter" node. Each output is sent to a "Data to report" node with corresponding query as node name.

  b] Send the data obtained for all queries to the report using "Data to report" node. In the report, use as many tables as the number of queries and for each table use a filter to get the data pertaining to a specific query. Use filtering while selecting data for charts.

I want to avoid hard-coded usage of query names either in workflow or in report. What is the optimal way of doing this?

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