Data transfer from One to another

I have 3 different excel data file, i want a select column in 3 file transfer to 1 table,how can i do this

sample Data.xlsx (12.4 KB)

Hi @vijaigar,

Just use the Joiner node, select the matching columns accordingly.

You can find more information here:


Hi Roland,

Thanks for your response, i already done it using joiner, but my concern is table1(base Data), need a one column (from Table2) and one column (from table3) ,i tried but i can’t the data as my expectation bcoz how data match with more than file, including base file,is this possible? an you hlep me

refer the snapshot,3rd sheet “Region Mst” how can i match


sample image

hi @vijaigar, please find attached the workflow with your sample data.
joiner.knwf (36.9 KB)
sample Data.xlsx (18.3 KB)

Hope it helps!

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Hey Roland,

thanks now i got a better idea,i am also trying now it’s working fine,
i am beginner of this Knime tool, earlier i was working in excel,my friend was refer this
anyway thanks for your immediate response specially beginners like myself



You are welcome, @vijaigar

Useful documentation for beginners:

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Hi Vijai!

If the excel’s files have the same structure, you just use 1 “Read Excel” node and setup to search “files and folders” options with wildcarts for the files as the prints below. With that, you can setup the folder path and files expression to read all the files from the same folder ate once, all together!

Today or after, if you put more files at the same folder, you can run your automation to reed all files at the same process.

I hope that it help you too…

Seeya, Denis

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