data transformation input

Hi I need some suggestions on data transformation: I get an instrument file looking like this

I have plety more columns to thr right the more measurements are made.

I would like to have it converted to:

basically shorten things to 3 columns, ID - x and y

any suggestions?

Welcome to the forum @Soborg2014.

What file format is the instrument file originally?
Can you share the data (real or an example)?

Hi, it is exported as a text file: I just pasted osmehtig into excel :slight_smile:
data_transform.xlsx (13.8 KB)
any suggestions on how to transform it into 3 columns?

Can you share the text file? I’m interested in seeing how it’s structured/formatted directly from the instrument, without any intervention from Excel. Ideally any KNIME workflow would need to operate on that text file and not an Excel pasted version.

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here u are :slight_smile:

example.txt (5.6 KB)

I noticed that the values in the x columns are the same.

Are the values in the x_(µm) column always going to be the same for each column of y measurements?

yes - the x_µm are always the same, also the amount of rows are always the same :slight_smile:

Here’s a workflow that should get you started: