Data Validation of two table

Hi Everyone,
File N.xlsx (17.9 KB)
File S.xlsx (17.2 KB)
Data Dictionary.xlsx (10.6 KB)

I just want to create a workflow for validating two files.with the use of data dictionary to match the column of both the file.

Below are the challenges .

keeping files S as the base file
and data dictionary we have to use for converting the names of file N as per file S
1 File S comparison with Fine N.
in File N columns names are different compare to file S we need to change it.
2.There are some duplicates in Files we need to identify that also . the output in different excel that which rows are matching which are not and where is the fault.
Attached file is for your reference.
Please help to create the workflow.


to change the column headers you can use the Insert Column Header node. Into the upper input port you have to feed your table N and into the second your dictionary.

Next you can use the concatenate node to bring your data from table N and S together.

To identify the duplicates you can you the Duplicate Row Filter. The default setting will remove the duplicates. You can change this is the advanced tab by activating the checkbox “Keep duplicate rows”. This will add a column to your dataset showing unique, chosen, or duplicate to all rows.

You can afterwards split your dataset based on these values.

Attached is a workflow that might help you to get started.

Forum.knwf (16.6 KB)

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Hi Kathrin,

Many thanks for the workflow.

But there are some challenges that we have to compare the two different file which have same no.of columns bu we no. of rows will be different that can be because of duplicates also or some different values also .we have to find that which are the values having different values in both the files in all columns and which are matching .Plus if there is any duplicates then we need to show it differently in different excel.Its like validation of two different files with same columns names.
Thanks in advance .
Please help me if you have any idea on that.

Hi @subham1093,

can you share how output should look like for above examples files?


Hi @ipazin,

Attached is the output format .

If you have any better way of representation please let me know.Output Format.xlsx (15.5 KB)

Hi @subham1093,

there is no data in output. Can you fill output sheet with data?


Output-.xlsx (22.3 KB)

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