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Hello everyone,

I have a data set that shows numerical data for each hour of the day for several (approx. two years worth of) days. For example, one row is “234” for 12 AM, the next one is “0” for 1 AM, the next one is “562” for 2 AM and so on. There are no missing entries which assures that there are 24 rows for each day.

What I would like to do is visualize (table, histogram or whatever) the average of the numeric value for each hour. Basically I would need a new table with 24 rows and 2 columns: hour and average. How can I do that in Knime?

Thank you for your help!

Hi @haldo93

Use the GroupBy node as in this example dataviz_info.knwf (30.0 KB)
gr. Hans

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Hi there @haldo93,

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I would go with Bar Chart in your case. You can calculate average per hour there and avoid GroupBy node. Check this nice workflow example. If any questions feel free to ask :wink:


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