Database array node please!

If it doesn't exist already, could we please have a node that can convert collection cells to java.sql.Array implementing objects?

I ask because I'm trying to push collections into a PostgreSQL database using the database writer node, but it's complaining that they're varchars. I therefore need to convert them to java.sql.Array implementing objects first, then submit them.

It would also be useful to convert the other way too, so that KNIME can understand read array data.

Converting java.sql.Array to collections and vise versa in the database writer and reader nodes might be a better solution, since you'll already know what type of database you're working with. 

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thanks for reporting this issue. You are right, KNIME currently treats DB Arrays and Collections as Strings. I have added your request to our bug tracking system and we will have a look into it.




That is indeed good idea if someone could come up with node that can convert collection cells then you would be benefited.

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Any update? Arrays in PostgreSQL are very useful :slight_smile:

Hello @a.formella,

have added +1 to existing tickets. Upon news someone will update this topic.