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Hello there,

I was wondering if is there any node that allows me to change a cell value in a table of my database using a gui dialog and not using a query.


Hi @jacec2ce

you can use the “Database Update” node. Pass in a table with a single row and specify its columns in the “WHERE” and “SET” settings of the “Database Update” node.

  • Björn

Ok, but is there any way to update the database seeing all the data in a table and change a specific cell value by clicking in the cell and typing it?


Hi @jacec2ce

there is no KNIME database node that allows you to do that directly without making a query.

Another workaround might by to use the “Table Editor (JavaScript)” node, but that node only works on KNIME data tables. Hence you have to pull the data from the database into KNIME before, and update the data after (see example screenshot). If you right-click on an already executed “Table Editor (JavaScript)” node, you can access an interactive view that allows in-place editing of the table data.

  • Björn
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