Database Connect to H2 Database failed

Dear Community,

i want to connect to my h2 Database, under Eclipse i try this with success:














With Knime i use the Database Table Connector with these settings:
Default syntax: <protocol>://<host>:<port>/<database_name>

















Info screen from console: 
ERROR Database Table Connector 2:21       Execute failed: Connection to database 'jdbc:h2:tcp://' timed out

Whats wrong in my settings or is this the wrong driver?
How can i fix it

Thanks in advance





Hello Guido,

It looks like you need to increase the timeout for database operations (in seconds). To check the connection time out open KNIME and go to File->Preferences. In the Preferences dialog go to KNIME->Databases. Please find attached a screeshot that shows what I've set in my application.

Hope that helps,


Hello Vincenzo,

thank you for your suggestion, but unfortunately without success. 

Now I `ve changed my strategy and connect the h2 database with the h2 connector ….. 


And the hell it works…. 


It seems that Knime as if different driver used!!


Thanks and Best Regards



P.S. Problem solved

Hi ….SORRY but the Problem is not solved.

When i try the H2 Connector he generate a temporary history.db by himself :(

Thats not my h2 Database:((((

How can i use the original h2.Jar Driver in Knime to connect the db???

Thanks Guido


Hi Guido,

Could you please provide more info about the issue?

If you want to connect to an existing H2 database, you just need to write the correct path in the configuration window of the H2 Connector node. Then, the node creates a connection to the H2 database file via its JDBC driver. The H2 Connector node uses by default the org.h2.Driver.

If you want to add an additional driver and use it in KNIME Analytics Platform, please follow what described below.

From within KNIME AP, click on File-> Preferences-> KNIME->Databases. There you can load additional database drivers from Jar or Zip archive and set other database related preferences.

After that, you need to use the Database Connector node to create the connection to the JDBC database that you have added.

Hope that helps,



Hi Vincenzo,

with Eclipse and the org.h2.Driver i can connect with success to my H2 databse with this command:

jdbc:h2:tcp:/ + Passwd+user (see first pic on this Topic)

When i try the same procedure (command) with Knime  Data Base Table Connector + org.h2.Driver 

i can´t connect the h2 db. Console Message: 

ERROR Database Connector   2:25       Execute failed: Could not create connection to database: Connection to database 'jdbc:h2:tcp://' timed out


When i use the org.h2.Driver on my Mac its not a Problem to connect the db:






I noticed that in eclipse you didn’t specify a port in the connect string whereas in the KNIME dialog you used 8082 (e.g. ‘jdbc:h2:tcp://**:8082**/./data/history’ vs ‘jdbc:h2:tcp://’).
Might this be the problem?