Database connection for Knime in Mac OSX

I'm running KNIME 2.10.3 under Mac OSX 10.9.5.  I want to connect to a PostgreSQL database.  I'm not able to find current documentation on impllementing the database connection in this version of KNIME.  The documentation I've found is for earlier versions which don't match what I see on my screen, and the procedures don't seem to work properly. I would appreciate any help the community can offer on this.  Thanks.






starting with 2.10 KNIME provides preconfigured database connector nodes. The node can be installed via the KNIME update page that opens when you click on the "Get additional nodes" link on the KNIME Start page. The plugin with the nodes is called "KNIME Connectors for Common Databases". After installing the plugin and restarting KNIME, you will find a PostgreSQL Connector, which you can use to connect to the database.

For general information about the database connection go to the database documentation page.



Thank you, Tobias.