Database connection reader suddenly started crashing


Database connection reader nodes in my workflows have suddenly started crashing.  I updated to 2.9, but the problem persists.

Anybody else have this problem?  Any solutions?



Can you please post the error message you are seeing in the KNIME Console. Thanks.

Knime crashes (closes) before I manage to read the error message.  I tried checking the log file, but for some reason, the last log file is dated 29 November.



Sorry, I was looking at an old log file in the wrong folder.


Here are the last 2 lines in the log indicating an error just before it crashes:

"2013-12-11 08:32:53,463 DEBUG KNIME-Worker-2 DatabaseConnectionSettings : java.sql.Connection#isValid(1) throws error: org.sqlite.Conn.isValid(I)Z
2013-12-11 08:32:53,463 DEBUG KNIME-Worker-1 DatabaseConnectionSettings : java.sql.Connection#isValid(1) throws error: org.sqlite.Conn.isValid(I)Z"


Is this helpful?

May I asked what kind of database you are using, KNIME 32/64bit and what driver version? Cheers, Thomas

I am using Sqlite database, sqlite-jdbc-3.7.2.jar driver, and Knime 64 bit running in Ubuntu 12.04.

Can you please also post the query you are trying to run, thanks.

If I execute one node at a time, the query runs fine, but the programme crashes when I execute the database conncetion reader node which follows.

Here is the query:

SELECT Year, Month, Month_number,
FROM #table#
GROUP BY Year, Month_number

Didn't you replace the #table# placeholder with the table you want to read, or is this query executed in Database Query node?

This is the query in the Database Query node.  The table is specified in the preceeding Database Connector node with "SELECT * FROM WRF_rainfall_input"

Following on, I tried a simple workflow with just a Database Connector, Database Connection Reader and CSV Writer.  It still crashes when it gets to the DB Connection Reader.

We recently have added some default drivers, such as mysql, postgres, and sqlite. I would suggest to install those drivers by removing the KNIME Common JDBC drivers feature from Help > About KNIME > Installation Details and restart KNIME. Make sure you have added your driver then under File > Preferences > KNIME > Database Driver. Hope this helps?