database connection table reader error

After the last update, “database connection table reader” node returns null values or wrong and different values in some columns. Did anyone have that error too? There isn’t any newer update and I can’t work properly with this version. What can I do?


Hi @busrabirol,

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Which update exactly do you mean, the one from KNIME AP 4.3.2 to 4.3.3?

I’m sure you’ve already seen that the “Database Connection Table Reader” Node is part of the legacy database framework, and we highly recommend using the new database framework. Here is a guide to ease the migration, if that might be an option for you.

That being said, KNIME should always be backwards-compatible. Could you help us reproduce the problem by giving more details? It would help tremendously if you could send us (part of) the failing worklfow, ideally with some dummy data in the workflow folder, so that we can check the configurations of each node. Or if that’s to tedious/large, screenshots of the workflow & the node options would help as well (with your credentials greyed out, of course).

For now, you can try downgrading to the previous version of KNIME AP (found here), that should restore your system to a working state.

Sorry for your problems!


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