Database connection table writer


The Database connection table writer raise this error:

ERROR Database Connection Table Writer Execute failed: ORA-00907: missing closed parenthesis

The only parameter is the name movim_2015 without blank or dirty characters.

The same table with a database writer works correctly.

Which is the condition that raises this error?


What's the SQL query from the previous node? You can see it in the output port view. What happens if you use the Database Connection Reader?

The SQL query works correctly and the number of open parenthesis is equal to the number of closed parenthesis.

The couple of Database connection table reader + Database Writer works fine

The Database Connection Table Writer issues the following statement:

CREATE TABLE <tableName> AS (<query>)

I have no idea why Oracle doesn't like it. Is the <query> very long so that probably a size limit is reached?

I have found the problem!

i must remove the order by from the query

I think that it is a bug...

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If so, then it's a bug in Oracle...