Database connection to HubSpot CRM

Hi all,

I want to use a KNIME DB Connector (based on a JDBC driver) to get data from our HubSpot CRM. Even after spending days trying to find a non-commercial driver, I could not find one.

HubSpot offers a REST API, which is unsuitable for our needs since the data we need is unavailable via the API.

According to some forum posts, I am not the only one dealing with HubSpot and trying to leverage KNIME.

  • How have you guys managed to get the data into KNIME?
  • Does someone have a JDBC driver to share?

I appreciate any help you can provide.


Hi @eberlem

I am not aware of a free Hubspot JDBC Driver, I only found the CData one
(And was not aware there is one before :slight_smile: )

We are crawling our hubspot daily and push the data into our internal database to do our analytics with a database, which is a lot faster than crawling.

We do everything with REST, and so far were able to find everything we need.

Can you share which data objects you cannot get via REST? Maybe I know it.


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