Database Connector (legacy) rerun problem (Impala/Java Read timed out)

Hello, I am new to Knime. I would like to ask you to help with an error that I can’t find any answer to.
I have following part of workflow that is working only after second execution, I think the problem is on DB site, but I can’t get administrator to lookup to this issue.
After first execution Database Connector (legacy) node is throwing me an error below:
“ERROR Database Reader (legacy) 0:146 Execute failed: org.apache.thrift.transport.TTransportException: Read timed out”
Second execution result of this node is always fine.
Any suggestions how to handle this? Is there a way to just loop somehow this node to rerun it?

Hi there @Kuba_BD,

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Considering you are getting a Read timed out you can try increasing the timeout for database operations and see if that helps.

So go File --> Preferences --> KNIME --> Databases (legacy) and increase timeout value.

Additionally there is Impala Connector node you can try out and also I recommend you to use new DB nodes if possible :wink:

If nothing works you can use Counting Loop Start node to run these nodes twice.


Thank you so much @ipazin!

After increasing timeout it works like a charm :slight_smile:


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