Database connector password empty on upload to server after update to 3.4

Dar Knime team,

We have the same issue listed here.

After we upgraded to 3.4 if we upload a workflow to the server it will not execute as the password suddenly is empty. Can you please assist asap?

Thanks in advance.

If you create workflow in 3.4 it is not guaranteed to work in previous versions. In this case the database nodes created by 3.4 will not work in 3.3 because we added encrypted password which are not understood by previous versions.

It is possible to modify the existing workflow to use a credentials node to feed the password to the database connector node. That way the workflow should work as expected on both KNIME AP 3.4 and 3.3.

In general I’d recommend to try to update KNIME AP in lockstep with KNIME Server.