Database fetch size


recently I am experiencing the following behaviour with the database KNIME nodes and the parameter


in the knime.ini

If I set a limit in the knime.ini file (to avoid memory problems when reading large quantity of rows) the database reader "stops" when it arrives to the quantity defined by the parameter. It is a little odd (at least for me). Example:



And I have to read 7500 records from the database, KNIME Database Reader only returns 5000 records, ingnoring the rest. Am I doing something wrong ? Are there new changes in DDBB access ? .

More information: I use PostgreSQL 9.1. I've noticed this behaviour in KINME 2.7.2.


Thanks in advance!


Hi Oscar, thanks for reporting this issue which we are able to reproduce. We are working on a solution for it. Cheers, Thomas

Thanks again for reporting this issue which has been fixed in KNIME 2.7.4