database operations: UPDATE and DELETE


I’m looking into using KNIME for some database operations. It appears that in order to carry out an UPDATE operation on a row in a database, I would need to read in the entire table from the database, identify and modify the row I’m interested in, and then overwrite the entire table in the database.

Similar logic would appear to apply when trying to DELETE rows: I would read in the entire table, remove the rows I wished to delete, then overwite the entire table in the database.

Is this correct, or am I missing / misunderstanding some of the database nodes?

It would appear that I need to create my own custom nodes if I want to just carry out a direct DELETE or UPDATE operation.


Hi Dave,
Correct, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations are currently not possible with the set of database nodes in KNIME. We are planning to have INSERT and UPDATE functionalities available for our next non-bugfix release.
Cheers, Thomas


I have been experimenting the same problem, and it's been 1 year since the last response, so, how is it now?

Can I INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE with a database node without overwriting the entire table ?


We have this feature on our list of improvement along the database integration, but unfortunately it didn't make into the v2.5 release of KNIME.

I can't get them to work, I'm using version 2.5.4 :-(

I would very much like this functionality to be included soon too!

Best wishes,