Database pivot error on workflow reset

Hi collegues,

currently I'm facing a strange situation with the execution of a workflow. When I execute it it works fine and it completes the entire process. But when I reset it and I relaunch it I got a strange error during the execution on console log for two Database Pivot nodes that I use, here below the error:

Configure failed (StringIndexOutOfBoundsException): String index out of range: -2

These database pivot nodes are within 2 loops, of course I dont' know if this is the main cause of this error. Anyway the workflow execution is not blocked by this error. So, I got the final result and the workflow execution is correctly completed. But during the process the error comes out and I got some minutes the classic red cross.

Someone can explain me how can I fix it, or maybe give me any smart suggestions?

Thanks in advice.



Hi Giulio,

If I understand correctly, the results are not affected by this, i.e., you get the correct results you would expect?

Can you please check your knime.log file if there is some more information?