Database Reader Error: duplicate row ID

Dear all,

I have put a database reader node in my workflow, with a quite complicated SQL query in it. I know for sure that it generates an output that table in which all rows are unique. Still, I get the following error message:

ERROR     Database Reader     Execute failed: Encountered duplicate row ID  "Row1" at row number 257

What does this error mean? Is there a way to prevent it in the Database Reader?

Kind regards,


Hi Edwin,

The Database Reader node uses the row index from the result set - if available - or its own unique counter. The index is then translated into a RowID "RowX". In your case it seems that the row index appears twice for row 257. Since I have no idea where this problem might come from, can you shortly try to describe the SQL statement you are executing?

Regards, Thomas

Hi, I have the same problem. It seems after Row256, the row id assigner starts from 1 again, which made the duplication. I am using database reader, which does not allow me to assign me own Row ID. I don't know how to get around of it. Thank you!

I get the same error on the Database Reader node

ERROR     Database Connection Table Reader     Execute failed: Encountered duplicate row ID  "Row0" at row number 257


My table has unique zipcodes. I also tried another table with unique rows and still get the exact same error!



we have added a new option to the Database Connection Table Reader that allows you use an internal counter instead of the database row id. This should solve your problem. For details see the Netezza post.