Database Reader with parameters

Is it possible to use parameters in database reader for criteria? I used Database Table Selector with bogus table and Parameterized Database Query to use parameters.
I tried to submit parameters from Table Row to Variable to the Database Reader but it does not work.

Yes it should be very easy and I do that a lot. I created flow variables in a simple workflow that consist of a start date and an end date. Then in my database reader node, you can use those flow variables in your WHERE clause. On the left side of the node configuration, you can see all the available flow variables and inserty them into the workflow by double clicking. Example would look like this in your SQL:

FROM myschema.mytable
WHERE COLUMN1 >= $${mystartdate}$$
AND COLUMN1 <= $${myenddate}$$

And it’s not working. Also, it would be nice to see what SQL text is generated by node after parameters submitted. That may explain why it is not working.


In Database Table Selector you can see query submitted. Right click on node and go to Database Connection and then tab connection. There is your SQL statement.

It is working fine for me so I would suggest to check you data types. I had issues there many times :wink:


I did what you suggested and see that text variables do not have parenthesis around.

Yep. This is from my select:



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