Database SQL Executor

Hi all, I am runnig a workflow in which I have to use the Database SQL Executor node: I don’t get any error when I configure it, btw when I am running I get this warning: “exception in update check thread”, how can I solve it? Many thanks! Sorry I new in coding sweat_smile:

Hi eloisa,
can you please attache the full exception from the KNIME log. You can open the KNIME log in KNIME via View->Open KNIME log. Can you also tell me to which database you are connected and which KNIME version you are using.

I am using KNIME 3.7.2, and I am connecting to Salesforce. See the error log image Error_log_Knime|666x500 .
Many many thanks!!!

Hi Tobias, don’t worry I solved the problem in a different way. thanks, E.

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I’m glad you solved the problem. Thanks for letting me know.

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