Database Table Selector

I used the Vertica Connector node  to connect to a database. This worked without a problem and I then Database Table Selector node to select a table.  I get the following error 

ERROR Database Table Selector 0:2        Execute failed: Error while validating SQL query: [Vertica][VJDBC](4566) ERROR: Relation "HMTX_DEMOGRAPHIC_VIEW" does not exist


The error says that the "HMTX_DEMOGRAPHIC_VIEW" does not exit but the table shows up in the metadata as seen in Database Table Selector node.



is it possible that the table is located in another schema then the default one? If you know the schema name put it in front of the table name separated by a '.' e.g. myschema.HMTX_DEMOGRAPHIC_VIEW

Unfortunately the Database Table Selector node does lists the schema of a table. We are aware of this problem and will fiy it with one of the next releases.