Database Writer Errors Catching

Hi all,

I've a problem with Database Writer node because If an error occurs during the insert process the node don't fail but only a warning is showed.

Can I catch the error?


I'm using Knime 2.9.4 on windows 7 and Oracle 11g on Ibm aix


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Hi Giorgio, 

This is something that we are aware of and are looking to fix in a future release.  No date fixed yet, but I am lobbying for getting it done as soon as possible. 

Thanks for the report. 

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Aaron Hart,

Hi Aroon,
I have the same problem.
I must force the exception in databaseWriter node when I find "Unique constraint violated" but only a warning is showed.
Have you a suggestion for me?
Thanks a lot.

Hi guys,

Same problem here.

It would be nice if the user could choose how to manage potential DB errors in the node configuration (meaning to continue or stop the workflow execution).