Database Writer Fails without error


I am having problems using the "Database Writer".  In my workflow I use a "Database reader" that connects to Oracle, then I have a meta node to do a looping over the data with an "R snippet" and finally I want to write back the results to Oracle.

Everything works fine except for the "Database Writer", first I use an "Interactive Table" to check that the result is correct, and then the "Database Writer" with the same configuration as the reader.  The problem is that when I execute the writer Knime closes without giving any error back.

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards

Hello, thanks for reporting this problem. We are aware of that and this general issue will be fixed in the December release of KNIME 2.7 -- the problem is that the warning generated during configure overwrites the error message produced during execute. It seems that in your case the writer configuration is not correct, please check the ERROR message in the KNIME Console view for more details. Thanks.