Database Writer - How to see the operation result


It is extremely useful in the next version of knime to add an output column (like Database Update or Delete) to see the result of the insert.

I have seen the source code to edit the node but seem very complicated. The instruction take a whole of data and force a single row involve into a worsening of the execution time.

I need a method to isolate the whole of rows apt to errors.

  • Checking if the primary key already exists take a lot of time (the table is huge)
  • I can't parse the log after the execution of the Database Writer since the log store only the first 10 RowId in error.
  • Checking if the number of final rows=old_rows+new_rows is too rough, i need a better approach

Anyone have a solution?



we are planning to add this information to the database writer. However I'm not sure if this feature will make it into the next release. But rest assure that we are aware of this limitation and we will eliminate it with one of the next releases.

Unfortunately I do not have a better solution right now how to check which rows have failed but to check if the primary key exists in the table.





I am using the database writer to output a knime unpivoted table into mysql database but I get the following error. "Execute failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'Condition varchar(255), ConditionRisk numeric(30,10), memberID varchar(255))"

I have used this node many times but never gotten this error, so any help would be appriciated.



Afaik "condition" is a reserved keyword in MySQL. You cannot use it as a column name.

I was having the same problem with a few other words that are reserved. specifically “Group” and “Show”

Thanks for pointing this out. (I’d normally avoid this when writing SQL by using around terms.)