Database Writer limitations

When I use the Database Writer node to insert a record that auto-increments (which works fine), I have no way of knowing what the auto-increment value is after the successful insert.
I also need to continue the flow from the Database Writer node, but there is no out port like that of the Update node.

Naturally I am thinking that the Writer would insert a record, returns all columns (with my 'updated' auto-increment column value) in an out port (similar to that of the Update node).

Currently, Knime version 3.3.0, dead ends this flow.

I am guessing my work around would be that I have to start another flow, create a query involving multiple table joins to retrieve the newly created auto-increment value...and then run this process manually 'after' the above process is run.

Am I missing something and/or why is there not an out port containing update values?

Thank you!

Hi Alnico,

if you need the table after writing, you could use another Database Reader node, right after your writer node.

Best regards, IrisĀ