database Writer node errors in KNIME 3.5.3

Has there been any changes to the Database Writer node that would cause the following error?

“execute failed: Maximum number of retries to get a valid connection reached.”

When I run the workflow in KNIME 3.5.1 it runs fine. When I run it in KNIME 3.5.3 I get the error.


Hey @jontimko,
the database nodes use the isValid method of the JDBC connection. If this takes longer then 5s it declares the connections as invalid.
So this is usually a problem with the driver, that can not handle the isValid method or a slow connection.
Which DB driver do you use. Could you get a newer version and retry it?


Thanks for the clue. I’m using classes12 driver currently but have discovered that this is ancient. I’ll work on updating the driver and see what happens. Regards.

Thank you Mareike. Updating the database driver did the trick. Much appreciated.