Database Writer node: Errors while writing into MS SQL Server

Hi all,

using the "Database Writer" Node I'm trying to write 335 rows into a database ("KnimeData") hosted by MS SQL-Server , but not any row is written.

Here's the error message and the configurations of the node.


Here the definition of the target table "MP_TABLE":

Any help is appreciated.


What errors are written to the KNIME Console?

... tx for replying, Thor.

In the console, I find many messages with the following structure:
WARN  Database Writer      0:34       Error while adding row #x (RowYYY), reason: Falsche Syntax in der Nähe des END-Schlüsselworts.


this seems to be a problem with the word END which is a keyword in MS SQL and KNIME is not quoting the column name which is why the compiler is complaining. Right now KNIME is only quoting column names which contain a space. This is a know issue that we will address. The only workaround I see right now is to change the name of the column in the database from END to maybe END_TIME.




... this is'nt convenient - but tx for your help, Tobias !