Database Writer Node: How to debug?

I have a simple workflow that reads from an MS Access table, and saves to SQL Server. I’ve had pretty good luck with writing to SQL Server in other workflows, but I get an error now. Is there a way to see what is going-on deeper than log files and console messages? The log-file is no help. The console error indicates a problem around one of the column names I’m writing to SQL Server (Percent), but I can’t see the DDL/DML that KNIME creates, so I have no way to resolve the error. The console error message is: “ERROR Database Writer 0:8 Execute failed: Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘Percent’.

Again, 'Percent" is one of the columns in the table I’m trying to write to SQL Server.

Never mind: found it. “Percent” is a reserved word, to SQL Server (can’t be a column name).

Still, would be nice if I could see the DDL/DML that the Database Write Node creates…

KNIME logs the statements that are send to the database into the KNIME log. To view it go in KNIME to View->Open KNIME Log. In the log file you should see the insert statement that is send to the database.
By the way we are currently rewriting the DB framework. The new framework is already available as preview. The new framework comes with a dedicated MS Access Connector node and better column quoting which will solve your problem with the reserved keyword percent. It also allows to enable/disable statement logging via the Advanced tab of the DB Connector node. Give it a try and let us know what you think about it.

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That’s great! I’m too feeble with KNIME to risk a review channel, but always upgrade, and am definitely happy to hear about the new features!!