Database writer node with Collections

hi everyone :)

İ am trying to use database writer note for write my result table to database.

But i have a column which type is collection and i can not write database. the error message says that 

ERROR Database Writer      0:69       Execute failed: This operation is not supported.

my column data actualy like this,





I want to write this results directly to database. As i understand my mistake i must use Collection to string convert for column type. how can i do that ? do we have this kind of nodes?

i dont want to split collections, i want to write  them all directly.

Thanks for your interest.


i find the solution :)

Column Rename node is made for this :)

Hi bugra10ur,

great you got it running :)

The other solution is to split the column and afterwards combine the splitted columns together again... But this is obviously not so nice.

Best, Iris