database writer specific columns ?

hi everyone, i asked same questions yesterday but i dont get any answer :/

i have a table in my database and this table's columns are

TERM_2  nvarchar

COUNT   int

UNIT        nvarchar

my workflow reads data from another table and do some n gram algortms and create some results.

at the end of the results i have


ngram                            count*document frequecy

analys raport                      54

tecnical documents           45




I want to write this results my table .Now my first question is, i want to write this results to my table  ngram column to TERM_2 column and  count*document frequecy to COUNT column. 

how can i do that?  is there any node for that ? in database writer node i could not find a option for select columns or etc. only asking  a table name and i dont want to change my database table column names. 

second question is i want to define a parameter and i want to write UNIT column that value for example,

let set the value to parameter  'A'

i am expecting my final results like that,

TERM_2                          COUNT               UNIT

analys raport                      54                       A

tecnical documents           45                       A 




any idea ?


the database writer node automatically matches KNIME columnd on database columns based on their name. So you will need to rename the columns in KNIME using the Column Rename node to the db column names prior using the Database Writer node.

To set a fixed parameter you could use the Constant Value Column node.