Database Writer SQL Table Errors

I have a workflow that outputs to an SQL table the issue I have is I get the “Error while adding rows #101 - #201, reason: String or binary data would be truncated.”  The only way I have found to fix this is to use a column filter to remove some fields start to run the Database writer which now does not error cancel the operation, put the excluded fields back re run the Database writer and it will work. I have made no changes what so ever to the data or the writer settings, has anybody experienced this and is there a fix?I

Did you try specifying a longer VARCHAR in the "SQL Types" tab of the writer? The error message is quite clear in that respect.

Hi Thor yes I did.

Are you creating a new table or appending to an existing table? In essence the column in the database - either existing or being created - is too short for the data in the KNIME table.