database writer timeout

Hello I'm using a slow connection and my database writer is having a timeout error. When I go to a test situation where I can speed up the connection, it works fine. Is there a way I can increase the database timeout? I saw this post which indicated the timeout is set at 5s, but unfortunately (and depending upon exactly what triggers the timeout) given the slowness of my connection that may not be long enough. More details: I'm using HSQL in "file" mode, and my files are located on a remote windows file shar (thus the slowness). Thanks, Dave

Hi Dave,
The default timeout is set to 5sec that’s correct. If you want to change it, append the following line to the end of the knime.ini file located in your installation folder:


Best, Thomas

Thanks - that did it! As a side note, when I’m running KNIME developer I added it to the run time configuration -> arguments -> VM arguments. Thanks again.