dataset joining

Hi everybody,

I have a question. I have two datasets and I want to join them in a way, that only the values of a vairable x that don’t overlap in the datasets are filtered. So for example: one of the datasets contains data with one variable with the value 1-10, and the other dataset conatains this variable with values from 1-6. In the end I want to have only the values of the variable that dont overlap in both datasets, so in this example values 7-10.

Can anyone help me with this question?

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Best Theresa

Hi @AbbTheresa

Take a look at the Joiner Node (Labs).

gr. Hans


Hello Theresa
Could make up mock up of the 2 tables, showing the in-common column, the columns that are not shared, and a mockup of the result you would like to see?’

Steve Elster

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