Datatype bigint conversion/formatting


I've got a DB-table with a column type bigint. This number is 10 digits and represents a customernumber.

The correct value in the database could be: 1234567890
After the Database Reader node I get: 1,234,567,890
This converted to String with gives me: 1.234567890E9

Is there any way I can get the correct formatting, 1234567890, without using a filereader, and manually setting the type to string here?


PS. Does a general setting for character encoding exist so I can set it to default to UTF-8 character encoding, instead of setting them on every new node? (sorry if it's frowned upon with 2 questions per post, in which case I will do a individular post with this question?)




Regarding your second question: You can add "-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8" to the knime.ini. This affects all I/O where not enconding has been specified. If a node has a setting for the encoding this won't be changed by this system property.

Regarding to first question, please use the String to Number node (type:IntegerCell) to convert the value into an integer.