Date and Time difference dialog cannot be opened

Hello everyone,
I’m using the date and time difference to calculate the difference between 2 columns. everything was working fine, then I removed some rows from the data set and the date and time nodes is not working anymore, I’m not even able to open the dialog window, I get the following error.
Do you have any idea what can I do? I just removed some rows, the columns related to the dates are still the same but for some reason KNIME doesn’t recognize them anymore.
thank you,
KNIME error

Hello @CYLE,

this message says you don’t have column of type Date (or any other compatible column type that can be configured in Date&Time Difference node). Without possibility to configure node KNIME doesn’t allow you to open configuration window. Believe this behavior is common for most of KNIME nodes.

Probably removing rows didn’t cause this issue but rather something else in your flow which led to column containing date ended up in String column type. (You can inspect column types if you open table output and go on Spec tab. Also you have sign indication of column type next to column name on first tab of table output window.) This way you an see when your date column went into String or maybe it was string from the moment you read it into KNIME. That’s where I would look for and try to solve it. Additionally you can use String to Date&Time node to convert your column to Date column type. Then you should be able to configure Date&Time Difference node.

Hope this helps!



thanks a lot! I didn’t notice the type on the table. Now it’s working!

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Glad to hear that @CYLE!

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