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The way some of my data is structured, I have to create the layout for Tableau visualisation in Knime before it ends up in Tableau. That’s fine, but I would like a date window I can show there. Is it possible to extract start/end date from the Date&Time-Based row filter node into new columns (with the goal of having MAX([DateFrom]) as a fixed quantity in Tableau)? I am wondering if there is a short way of doing it or if I’m going to have to do some aggregates etc in Knime first.

OR can I set the dates using variables beforehand? Ideally, I’d like this kind of format:

Field A Field B Date From Date To
XYZ Yes 01-Jan-23 28-Feb-23
ZYX No 01-Jan-23 28-Feb-23
AAA Yes 01-Jan-23 28-Feb-23

I am aware of Tableau but I do not really get your question sorry. But hopefully someone else can help you out


You can use the date&time to string to make a transformation.


This node can identify the kind of date/time you used and convert to string.

Or you can extract some information to columns using the node “Extract Date&time Fields” with some options as you can see below.


Just make it to be the most simple example, as database uses yyyy-mm-dd to be easier to manipulate after.

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I think I’ve figured it out. Group By in two separate branches MAX(Date) and MIN(Date), Table Row to Variable, two constant value column nodes later in the stream and then string to date. Awkward, but it does the job.

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