Date belong to period of time

If date (in column2) belong to date in Row4 take next date in column1

e.g. I have "2020-03-01 (in column2) so give me β€œ2020-03-01” (in column1).

thank for your response :slight_smile:


First you will need to separate your data into two tables, one for the top part and one with only row 4. Then it is probably easiest to convert your row 4 table into flow variables using the Table Row to Variable node and use the variables in the Date&Time-based Row Filter, after having converted the dates in your bigger table with the String to Date&Time node. I am on mobile and cannot try it out with your data myself, but this is the rough direction you should be going.
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@AlexanderFillbrunn If you have some time will you try it and show me? I’m new and not exactly know how to do this :smiley:

Hi @pjacob

I think @AlexanderFillbrunn suggested something like this Date belong to period of time.knwf (25.7 KB)
Screenshot from 2020-03-08 11-02-12
gr. Hans


@HansS @AlexanderFillbrunn thank you :smiley: but I also want to get the diagonal value. (2020-03-01) If date (2020-03-01) belong to my period of time

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Hi @pjacob , I added some extra nodes to the workflow to get the diagonal value. Date belong to period of time.knwf (47.5 KB) .
Gr. Hans


@HansS you’re awesome! Thank you :smiley:


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