Date Conversion Problem

Hi all, I’ve got a set of data for different date. I would like to extract only May-2021’s data and the first thing i have to do is to convert the date format from d/m/yyyy (when it is 3-Jan-2021, it shows 3/1/2021) to a predefined format preset in Knime. However, I am not able to do this conversion. Does anyone know the solution? Appreciate very much for your response. Attached herewith the data if necessary.
Book1.xlsx (1.0 MB)

Hi @catcat,
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Using the String to Date&time node, the date format you need for this will be


as lower case m means ‘minutes’ in the date/time conversion. And of course tell the node that it is just a date rather than a datetime

That should allow for both single and two digits day and month values.

Hope that helps


Yes, it works, thank you for your assistance :blush:


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