date conversion - weird problem

my data sheet has dates in the format: 

11/25/2011 = mm/dd/yyyy.

when i use a 'string to date' node applying 'mm/dd/yyyy' the converted dates are incorrect. 

most of them are converted as: 26.Jan.2010 [or 2009, 2011]. 

after resetting and setting a few times i have one succesful conversion, but have many more nodes to go. i noticed that the succesful conversion is in the format 25.nov.2011, whereas the incorrect conversion adds a time.

i did not have problems with this previously. what is happening, and how can i solve it?


I had this problem in the past too, the month needs to be capitalised, small m is for minutes.





thanks Simon! somehow this did not occur to me, but i am relieved to hear that i was not the only one. smiley

i also had the problem because of a side effect: the dropdown for most nodes works one time after start-up, and is then 'greyed out'. i then have to type things in manually. this happened only after upgrading knime to the newest version [linux 64 bit knime 2.5.2].