Date Datatype (with or without time)


I found that there seems to be separate date / datetime types in Knime - and they seem to be not matching properly. 

My example:

  •  I have one table where I convert my date from a complex representation via a Java Snippet node. The node outputs a "DateAndTimeCell" as the only datatype being date.  In the table preview - I see the date is rendered including a time (being 00:00:00).
  • Another table has a date column parsed with a Column Auto Type Cast - and also resulting in a DateAndTimeCell data type. However - if I review the table, the cell is rendered without time.
  • Interestingly - if I now take the two tables and join them, I do not get any matches.

That is a bit of an unexpected result. Is that by design or something that could be improved?



You can use the Mask Date to avoid this problem.

The only very problem is that this node works only with 1 column, if you have more columns you need more nodes